The best view in town

We recently moved to No 033 Xuan Vien St (just opposite) in the center of Sapa town and 50m from Sapa church, Le Gecko (Hotel & Restaurant) is known as a unique and trustful destination for tourists when they come to visit Sapa. From the terrace, you can enjoy the best view of Fanxipan mountain – the highest mount in South East Asia – China and you can see the people passing by everyday.

The French & Vietnamese restaurant

The restaurant can serve 200 customers at the same time with famous French plates as well as authentic Vietnamese food. Especially, there is the friendly local staff who come from the surrounding villages, customers will feel like to be at home.

The best bar with variety of cocktails and drinks

When the sunset falls down, it is also the time you should go to Le Gecko Bar for a drink and enjoy the peaceful evening in Sapa. Le Gecko Sapa is an excellent quiet place to have a drink and good time by enjoying Sapa at its best. We can serve you almost of anything so come see us and experience the difference !