The best terrace in town
Located in the center of Sapa town just opposite to the postal office and 50m away from Sapa church, Le Gecko ( Hotel & Restaurant ) is known as a unique and trustful destination for tourists when they come to visit Sapa.

The restaurant can serve 100 custommers at the same time with famous French plates as well as authentic Vietnamese food. Especially, there is a big traditional fireplace in the center of the restaurant, custommer can take a drink and see the marvelous flame during the cold winter days in Sapa.

With the idea “ Reasonable price – Great value” we welcome all tourists when they go to visit Sapa.

When the sunset falls down, it is also the time you should go to Le Gecko Bar for a drink and enjoy the peaceful evening in Sapa. Le Gecko Sapa is an excellent quiet place to have a drink and good time by enjoying Sapa at it's best. We can serve you almost of anything so come see us and experience the difference!
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